More Than A Book About Love

Behind that lonely face sitting in front of you on the bus, staring at their cell phone, is a person who longs for someone to look them in the eyes and care. Deep within the heart of that co-worker who expresses bitterness and hatred for your faith is a person who really just wants someone to show them that Jesus is real. The world doesn’t need another explanation of doctrine. What they need is a genuine demonstration of the Gospel.

Dustin Cannon, That We Might Love

Not Just A Book About Love

This project isn’t just a book about love. It is kindling for starting a wildfire of love fueled by faith and a desire for the world to know the good news we have found in Jesus Christ. It is about sharing the Gospel with a hurting and lost world.

This project is actually first and foremost an evangelism tool that makes it so easy for anyone to share the gospel in a way that is backed by good works.

Is founded upon my belief that when we step out in faith and act in love for our neighbors that they will see our good works and give glory to God. I believe they will ask where this love comes from opening the door for the good news of Jesus Christ. People do good work for someone in love or an act of kindness and they give that person a TWML card.

Moved by that sacrificial act of love that person visits the website address on the card and hears the gospel, they order their free copy of the book which comes with a supply of cards where they receive the gospel again and a call to action to follow Christ and continue spreading the light.

What Is A TWML Card?

TWML cards remind us to always make every opportunity to love people with intentional acts of kindness and sacrificial love. By leaving a TWML card with the person we not only encourage them to share the love they have received and pay it forward but we also are sharing the Gospel of Jesus with them by encouraging them to visit this website where we share the gospel message. TWML cards are the size of a business card and easily fit in your pocket. 

The back of the card encourages people to learn more about the reason someone has reached out to them with an act of love and kindness.  We can also customize cards with your local church information making these a great way to share the Gospel of Jesus in your community while at the same time promoting your church. We believe that it is vitally important that people get established in a local congregation. 

That We Might Love Kit

  • That We Might Love Paperback Book
  • Quick Start Impact Guide Video Sessions
  • 15 TWML Cards